Summer 2024: Funding Opportunities

Summer 2024: Funding Opportunities
These funds could boost your collaborative projects. Source: Royal Engineering/Unsplash

As we approach the Summer break, a variety of funding opportunities are available to support innovative research and development projects across multiple sectors.

These grants and awards are designed to foster collaboration, drive technological advancements, and address key global challenges.

Below, we have highlighted some of the most exciting opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Good luck in your applications!

Innovate UK Smart Grants

Innovate UK Smart Grants provides funding to UK businesses to develop and implement innovative ideas across various sectors.

Competition overview - Innovate UK Smart grants: April 2024 - Innovation Funding Service

📅 Deadline: 24 July 2024
🔍 Scope: Open to any sector, including technology, health, and manufacturing. Projects must be business-led and collaborative.
👥 Applicant: UK-based businesses, research organisations, and public sector organisations.
💰 Funding: Projects of 6 to 18 months must have total eligible project costs between £100,000 and £500,000 and can be single or collaborative. Projects of 19 to 24 months must have total eligible project costs between £100,000 and £1 million and be collaborative.

British Academy Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2025

Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2025
The programme aims to support projects which engage with questions concerning the relationship between expertise, public understanding and policy delivery internationally, and highlight the importance of collaboration between communities of practice, disciplines, capacities and borders.

📅 Deadline: 18 September 2024
🔍 Scope: Supports interdisciplinary projects addressing the relationship between expertise, public understanding, and policy delivery.
👥 Applicant: Researchers from various disciplines.
💰 Funding: Varies per project.

Value of Marine Artificial Structures (ValMAS)

This funding aims to enhance the understanding of the ecological, economic, and social value of marine artificial structures.

Pre-announcement: Value of Marine Artificial Structures (ValMAS)
Apply for funding to enhance understanding of the ecological, economic and social value of marine artificial structures’ natural capital to inform decision making and policy solutions for all life stages.

📅 Deadline: 31 October 2024
🔍 Scope: Research on the natural capital of marine artificial structures.
👥 Applicant: UK research organisations eligible for NERC funding.
💰 Funding: Up to £5.81 million, with a maximum award of £4.648 million.

Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grants

📅 Deadline: Outline applications are welcome at any time, there are no deadlines.
🔍 Scope: Applications will be considered in all subject areas except: studies of disease, illness and disabilities in humans and animals AND research that is intended to inform clinical practice or the development of medical applications
👥 Applicant: For researchers based at universities, institutions of higher education or registered charities with university-equivalent research capacity, to undertake an innovative and original research project.
💰 Funding: The maximum grant value is £500,000

UKRI Women in Innovation Awards 2024/25

📅 Deadline: 10 July 2024
🔍 Scope: Supports women who are developing game-changing innovations with potential for significant business impact. Winners receive tailored support including funding and finance options, media and communications training, business model development, market opportunity evaluation, and more.
👥 Applicant: Women founders, co-founders, or senior decision-makers within UK registered SMEs.
💰 Funding: Up to £75,000 grant funding per project, lasting 12 months​

People’s Postcode Lottery Funding Rounds

Local Funding Opportunities | People’s Postcode Lottery
Find out about the different opportunities for local charities and good causes to secure funding raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Parliamentarians are encouraged to highlight these to local charities and good causes, community programmes and voluntary projects.

📅 Deadlines: 26 August 2024, 2 September 2024, 24 September 2024, 1 October 2024
🔍 Scope: Funding rounds that support local community projects and organisations.
👥 Applicant: Local charities and community groups.
💰 Funding: £500 to £25,000 per grant, depending on the trust and project location.

And don't forget...

Horizon Europe Funding

Horizon Europe
The EU’s research and innovation funding programme 2021-2027

📅 Deadline: Programme runs until 2027
🔍 Scope: Supports excellent research in various fields, including health, culture, security, digital, and climate.
👥 Applicant : Teams of at least three partner organisations from three different EU or associated countries.
💰 Funding: €95.5 billion budget until 2027.

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