The Future is Collaborative: 15 Women Leading Global Innovation

The Future is Collaborative: 15 Women Leading Global Innovation
Meet the women leading global innovation through collaborative companies and initiatives!

As a female-founded platform facilitating global collaboration, we acknowledge the barriers innovators encounter to secure funding and assemble teams.

This International Women's Day, we are spotlighting exceptional innovators who break through these barriers, making significant strides through incredible projects and collaborations.

All our innovators featured have unique stories to share and specific project needs that you may be able to fulfil. If so, feel free to reach out and explore opportunities for collaboration!

The 100 Voices for Our Planet Initiative

Lumbie Mlambo, USA
Founder and CEO of JB Dondolo

Lumbie's project, The 100 Voices for Our Planet initiative, is a Water Action Agenda published on the UN Partnerships for Goals website.

This initiative is organised by JB Dondolo, a non-profit organisation committed to improving women's economic well-being and ensuring girls attend school by providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Lumbie and her colleagues call on people worldwide to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle and be environmentally responsible in order to safeguard the environmentt and contribute to saving our planet.


Mary Kurek -Founder & President of FrontRunners Development, Inc.
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes- CEO of Softhread
Precious Isola- CEO & Co-founder, Ileemore Technologies Limited
Ritalee Monde - CEO & Founder of Leemed Supplies Pvt.
Omar Arif- Analyst at Ideate Corporate Consulting
Dr. Kayla L. Tennin- President & CEO of Lady Mirage Global, Inc.
HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana- Founder of African Women's Health Project International

Project Needs

''We are looking for 100 people or companies to showcase as "Voices" and track their progress until 2030. Whether your focus is on agriculture, water, advocacy, education, farming, recycling, or any other activity promoting sustainable and conscious living for environmental protection, we're eager to learn how your work can impact more people and inspire others around you to live consciously.

''In addition, we are seeking the support of benevolent individuals to contribute funding to this project, and for more collaborators and partners.''

Connect with Lumbie

Who inspires Lumbie?

Tony O. Elumelu, his Foundation is the leading philanthropy empowering a new generation of African entrepreneurs, driving poverty eradication, catalysing job creation across all 54 African countries, and increasing women economic empowerment.

The Women Changing the World Awards

Peace Mitchell, Australia
Co-Founder of Women Changing the World Awards, Author and TEDx Speaker

Peace believes that women hold the power to change the world. Her dream is to support, celebrate and acknowledge the work of women globally who are making a positive impact in the world.

The Women Changing the World Awards are a global awards program recognising the work of incredible women making a positive difference in the world across a range of industries and areas. The glamourous gala dinner presentation is happening in London this May bringing together incredible women from all over the world- don't miss out!


Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York- Best-selling author and global humanitarian
Dr. Tererai Trent- Founder of Tererai Trent International Foundation

Project Needs

''Nominations! Nominations for these awards are now open, if you know an incredible woman changing the world or you are one nominate today at Applications for 2024 are due by 10 March and finalists in all categories announced on Thursday 28 March so get nominating soon!''

Connect with Peace

Who inspires Peace?

I'm inspired by Melanie Perkins, the Co-Founder of Canva as she is an incredible leader and visionary. She has created not only an incredible product but also an incredible company culture.

The Essence App

Elina Vale, France
CEO & Co-Founder of Essence Labs, Inc.

Meet Elina. Founder of an AI-powered app that enhances performance and well-being of female employees via hormonal cycle-based scheduling.

Elina built Essence for two segments: users, working women and people with a menstrual cycle, and buyers, forward thinking Fortune 1000 companies with DEI agendas. Only through systemic change in the corporate world and an integration of women’s health and well-being resources in employee benefits can women and people with cycles easily harness the power of their menstrual cycle at work.


Danielle Keiser- Menstrual Health Expert and Consultant

Project Needs

''We are currently looking for companies taking steps to create more inclusive and engaged workplaces to add the Essence App to their suite of employee benefits.''

Connect with Elina

Who inspires Elina?

Ayumi Moore Aoki, founder and president of the Women in Tech movement, endlessly inspires me. I watched her found Women in Tech as the mother of a toddler, proving that women can do anything. With her mentorship and support we brought Women in Tech to my home country and I’ve learned so much from her during my journey as an entrepreneur.

Zuri Health

Daisy Isiaho, Kenya
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Zuri Health

Daisy wants to create a healthier world where people are living longer, happier lives.

As Co-Founder of Zuri Health, she makes transformative healthcare experiences universally accessible to all. Her company is driven by a desire to improve healthcare in Africa and a commitment to transform healthcare through innovative and accessible solutions.


Ikechukwu Arthur Anoke- Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Titilola Olaolu-Hassan- Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Project Needs

''We are seeking grant funding and other investments for this project. We are also searching for people with technical expertise in health tech companies.''

Connect with Daisy

Who inspires Daisy?

Tesh Mbaabu from Marketforce as he tackles challenges head on and moves with optimism. We recently partnered with the Safaricom M-Pesa Foundation to run sponsored medical camps across various counties, effectively reaching rural and underserved communities. Through this partnership, we are expanding our reach and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. We aim to provide essential healthcare services to over 160,000 individuals in need. To get a glimpse of our past FREE Medical camps please watch these videos: Kibera Nairobi County, Mavoko Machakos county, Ngaideithia Nyandarua county and Kakamega county.

STEM Careers: More options than you realise

Anji Miller, UK
Skills Lead, Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapies/ Director, Translational Programmes/Senior Business Manager, LifeArc

Despite concerted efforts, the career path for STEM graduates is portrayed as being a dimensional with no options of combing disciplines. This has not only deterred many who enjoy STEM but also resulted in many STEM graduates and post graduates stuck in a role that is not fulfilling or worse still, many choosing a profession that does not not use their technical skill.

Through collaboration, Anji intends to highlight the many options available to individuals with a STEM background and to raise the awareness of STEM roles. Not only will this imitative benefit women, girls and anyone from a underrepresented group, it will enrich our workforce by ensuring we have motivated diverse pipeline of talent.


The BIA Skills and Training Subgroup + STEM ambassador networks

Project Needs

''I would like to highlight the following resources and encourage anyone wishing to explore collaboration to contact me.''

LifeArc: Fellowships
BIA: Resources
Bio Industry: Cell and Gene Therapy skills

Connect with Anji

Who inspires Anji?

Dr. Gladys West a mathematician who helped model the shape of the Earth, & developed the technology that brought us GPS. Not well known, except by those who may have recognised her name from the film 'Hidden Figures', we use the results of her efforts daily. A true unsung hero.

Advancing Womens' Enterprise: Investing in the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Zubaida Bai, USA
CEO of Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation, founded by Zubaida, takes a holistic approach to supporting women entrepreneurs, smallholder farmers, and young women by clearing pathways to their economic success by dismantling the barriers that stand in their way and strengthening local partners and resources to more fully support them.

''Women around the world already have their own power, and know how they want to use it,'' said Zubaida.

Ultimately, Grameen Foundation transforms systems, applying context dependent on region, community and household needs, to help women show up with their full power!


Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA)
Baobab Microfinance Company Limited

Project Needs

''I am seeking new grant funding and donor support for expanding our work, especially new champions to support and share the message of eradicating poverty by investing in the power of women around the world.''

Connect with Zubaida

Who inspires Zubaida?

Professor Muhammad Yunus is my inspiration and a Founding Board Member of Grameen Foundation who has been an innovative champion for women for decades.

Bridging Continents: Rio Nuevo and Falmouth University Forge a Sustainable Future for Cacao Farming

Sara Castañeda, UK
Founder of Rio Nuevo

Rio Nuevo Chocolate is dedicated to transforming the conventional exploitative chocolate industry. The tool is chocolate. The model? A truly direct supply chain that addresses inequality and environmental degradation in the chocolate supply chain.

Sara sources her cacao beans from small independent farmers from 2 regions in Ecuador: The Amazon Rainforest, where indigenous Kichwa people use agroforestry methods and traditional knowledge to cultivate an ancient variety of cacao in Chakras ‘Forest Gardens’; and from the Cloud Forest where farmers are growing cacao as part of a conservation project to restore and rewild their forests farms.


John Peters- Specialist CAD Designer and Educator at Falmouth University
Andrew Harbert- Technical and Facilities Manager at Falmouth University

Project Needs

''We are also looking for additional Grant Funding to support farmers to integrate the fermentation boxes into their farming operations.''

Connect with Sara

Who inspires Sara?

Scott Harrison from Charity: Water. He has inspired me to follow a better chocolate road!


Wafa AlObaidat, Kingdom of Bahrain
Founder & CEO of PLAYBOOK

Wafa's mission is rooted in addressing the critical need for women to access leadership roles and venture funding within global landscapes. PLAYBOOK aims to address real-world challenges through representative role models. It is a robust learning and networking membership platform with 4K+ members from 56 countries.

This platform is designed to benefit women globally, offering a career ecosystem that enables them to excel in various industries and levels of leadership. Through PLAYBOOK, Wafa and her team aspire to create a lasting impact on the careers and personal growth of their diverse membership network.


Shreya Rammohan- Co-Founder & CMO of PLAYBOOK
Ismahan Al Saad- Co-Founder & COO of PLAYBOOK

Project Needs

''We are looking for the following:

  • Coaches/Mentors/Advisors to join our platform and be accessible to our members to guide them on their journey
  • Grant Funding and Investor Funding to scale the potential of this platform to all women and students globally
  • NGO/NPO/Educational Institution partners whom we can distribute FREE access to our platform to as part of our Impact Goals to benefit women and young girls from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds.''

Connect with Wafa

Who inspires Wafa?

HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud as a woman who has dedicated her life to elevating women and expanding the table to ensure we have enough seats to grab the reigns of our lives. She continues to be an inspiration and a champion that drives my team and I to ensure we are no longer seated on the sidelines of immense growth potential.

Cosmic Chronicles: Navigating the Stars of Inspiration

Shelli Brunswick
CEO & Founder SB Global LLC

Motivational Speaker Shelli uses her space background to spark interest and excitement about space exploration and innovation. She highlights the practical applications of space technologies in everyday life and shares leadership and success lessons learned from her journey to encourage personal and professional growth.

She is taking those speeches and interviews and creating a comprehensive trilogy of books that encapsulate her extensive journey and insights gained over 25 years in the space industry, titled "Cosmic Chronicles: Navigating the Stars of Inspiration."

Book One: "Cosmic Chronicles: Lessons from a 25-Year Odyssey in Space"
In this volume, Shelli unveils a tapestry of lessons learned, gleaned from navigating the dynamic landscape of the space industry.

Book Two: "Navigating the Cosmos: An Interstellar Guide to Success"
This guidebook offers a celestial roadmap for personal and professional triumph. It delves into expanding awareness, unlocking potential, and seizing cosmic opportunities.

Book Three: "Galactic Leadership: Unleashing Global Transformational Leaders"
The final installment ushers readers into a new paradigm of leadership—Global Transformational Leadership (GTL). It illuminates the essence of inspiration, authenticity, and gratitude in leadership.

''I believe this trilogy resonates with a diverse readership, from aspiring professionals seeking guidance to seasoned leaders looking to elevate their leadership prowess. It's an opportunity to journey beyond the confines of traditional leadership literature and explore the cosmic dimensions of success, personal growth, and transformative leadership.''


Shelli is actively searching for collaborators for this project within speaker agencies, publishers, and event organisers.

Project Needs

''To realise the full potential of the "Cosmic Chronicles: Navigating the Stars of Inspiration" project, I am actively seeking support from key stakeholders to amplify its impact. Here's a breakdown of the crucial support needed:

Speaker Agencies: I am in search of reputable speaker agencies that specialise in motivational and leadership speakers. Collaborating with a speaker agency would provide me with the necessary connections to secure speaking engagements at conferences, corporate events, and educational institutions.

Publishers: I am actively looking for publishers who share a passion for non-fiction, motivational, and leadership literature. Securing a partnership with a well-established publisher, would not only enhance the distribution of the trilogy but also bring a wealth of editorial and promotional support. Publishers with a global reach and experience in similar genres will play a pivotal role in bringing the trilogy to a diverse and broad audience.

Event Organisers: Building connections with event organisers and conferences is crucial to showcasing the project on various platforms. Partnering with event organizers who resonate with the themes of space exploration, leadership, and personal development will facilitate opportunities for speaking engagements. I am actively reaching out to events that align with the project's objectives.''

Connect with Shelli

Who inspires Shelli?

Throughout my life, there's been a singular source of inspiration that has profoundly shaped who I am today: my mother. Her influence has been the bedrock of my values, ambitions, and unwavering determination. My mother, with her boundless strength and resilience, has weathered life's challenges with grace and determination (...) her selfless dedication to the well-being and happiness of our family has instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility and empathy. Her sacrifices have fueled my drive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me. She is not just my mother; she is my mentor, my role model, and the enduring source of inspiration that fuels my aspirations.


Erika Brodnock, UK
CEO of Kinhub

Erika's platform uses generative AI and coaching to enhance employee engagement and productivity. The platform emerged from personal experiences, including postnatal depression, mismanaged maternity leave, and chronic sleep issues, fueling a commitment to equity and diversity in the workplace.

Kinhub strives to create a sustainable and inclusive work environment. In contributing to societal well-being, economic resilience, and environmental sustainability, Erika's company stands at the forefront of positive change.


Helen Yannakoudakis- CTO of Kinhub
Jacob Herandi- COO of Kinhub

Project Needs

''I'm searching for a Head of Product at Kinhub with experience of building world-leading products.''

Connect with Erika

Who inspires Erika?

Johannes Lenhard is an incredible founder that consistently uses his position and privilege to advance equity within the venture ecosystem.

AI Empowered Industrial Digital Transformation

Dianne Huiwen Eldridge, USA
Worldwide Business Development Leader, Industrial AI/GenAI

Dianne works with AWS AI teams to spearhead the inception, launch, and scaling of Industrial AI/Generative AI solutions. Their goal is to leverage the potential of AI, Generative AI and Machine Learning to facilitate industrial digital transformations, empowering clients to digitise, monitor, and enhance their operations.


Alicia Trent- Amazon Web Services Head of GTM AI
Jayeeta Lakhani- Amazon Web Services Worldwide Industry GTM Leader for IoT, Robotics, and Industrial Edge

Project Needs

''I'm looking for guidance and advice for business board seats.''
Connect with Dianne

Who inspires Dianne?

My mum grew up in a small Indonesian island village where the high school didn't exist and most girls stopped schooling at 15 years old. She fought with all her might to be allowed to go to high school in the city, jumped on a ship to move to China by herself after high school, and became the one and only college graduate in her family of six kids. She endured a year-long labour camp but never gave up learning while being isolated in that remote harsh region. Despite all of the odds against her, my mum retired as a Senior Chemical Engineer from a top research institute in Beijing. Consequently, both my sister and I went to university in Canada on scholarships and we each ended up with three degrees.

Leadership for a Better World

Kawtar El Alaoui Ottawa, Canada
Founder & CEO, Conscious Togetherness, Inc.

Kawtar realised in her early years that despite our desire and efforts to find peace and happiness, most people live in states of anxiety, fear and unfulfillment. Through her in-depth research, experience and learnings from different fields of study, she identified the skills and attitudes that lead to peace instead of conflict. To her surprise, she also discovered that the skills that lead to peace also lead to a holistic way of leading where people, planet and profits thrive. She then created a leadership model that imbeds these skills and shifts disempowering beliefs: The Conscious Togetherness Leadership Framework®.

''One aspect of this project is coming to life through the Heal Together Initiative aiming to heal the Israel-Palestine conflict facilitated by myself and David Sauvage, a Jewish teacher of emotional intelligence This project was initiated by my American colleague Andy Swindler and his wife and business partner, Rachel Zargo,'' said Kawtar.

Project Needs

''The Heal Together Initiative is searching for funding to lead a large scale project bringing various stakeholders together to make the narrative and tools for healing available and create a movement to heal the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Kawtar is searching for a visionary organisation to partner with in a cultural transformation journey through implementing and measuring the impact of the Conscious Togetherness Leadership Framework®.''

Connect with Kawtar


David Sauvage- Empathy Expert
Andy Swindler- Ethos Talent Director of Partnerships
Rachel Zargo- FeelReal Co-Founder

Who inspires Kawtar?

I am inspired by Nelson Mandela's work and his visionary leadership. In my book I also share the principles research and personal experience that unearthed my vision for peace: Unfolding Peace, 9 Leadership Principles to Create Cultures of Well-being, Belonging and Peace.

Innovation Insights

Karen McFadden Glasgow, UK
Director of Innovation Insights- UK Funding Consultant

Karen created Innovation Insights, an information hub that shares quick and easy content on funding opportunities within the innovation, high energy use and commercial property spaces, throughout the UK.

Why? To become an educator and a connector.

''Business owners appreciate transparency and speed. They appreciate having an opportunity brought to them, and then an introduction to someone who can help make the dream a reality. And that's where my knowledge and little black book come in handy,'' said Karen.


Karen works with a variety of' UK funding partners that specialise in everything from tax rebates to grant funding applications and everything in between.

Project Needs

''I am looking for companies in the UK innovation, high energy use and commercial property spaces to follow my content and learn about these incentives.''

Connect with Karen or subscribe to her Youtube Channel and LinkedIn Newsletter for informative funding videos and insights!

Who inspires Karen?

Wayne Starkey at Skinny Food Co. The R&D work in their food products blows my mind, the taste outcome is phenomenal for such low calorie snack alternatives.

An intersectional perspective to meaningful/ess work: UK Higher Education Institution perspective

Dr Padmali Rodrigo, UK
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Padmali's project explores how work is perceived by disabled academics.

Disabled academics face lots of challenges at work and that affects the way they perceive work. This study aims to understand to what extent work is perceived as meaningful by disabled academics. The findings will help to identify means and ways to enhance the workplace well-being and meaningfulness for disabled academics.


Dr Nic Burton- Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange

Project Needs

''I am looking for academics who self-identify themselves as disabled to take part in an interview to discuss how meaningfulness of work is perceived.''

Connect with Padmali

Who inspires Padmali?

I am inspired by personal experience for this project.

Jenga Realty

Madona Wambua, USA
Founder & CTO of Jenga Realty

Madona's project aims to redefine Africa's real estate by empowering individuals residing abroad to navigate the African real estate market with confidence.

The real-world challenges targeted by this project include the difficulties individuals face in navigating the African real estate market from abroad. The project aims to address these challenges by introducing innovative technology and localised expertise to make the real estate market more accessible and understandable.


Madona is currently a solo founder as she is bootstrapping and she is open to collaboration opportunities from grant funders.

Project Needs

''We are launching in early March and would like grant funding.''

Connect with Madona

Who inspires Madona?

My Mother as she is the most smart and hardworking person I know.

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