Oxentia is supporting the development of KEVRI software

Oxentia is supporting the development of KEVRI software
Dr Hamish McAlpine, Natalie Campion, Corin Mynett and Dr Robin Kirby at Falmouth Launchpad.

At KEVRI, we are collaborating with Oxentia Principal Consultant Hamish McAlpine on the development of our Knowledge Exchange software solution.

Oxentia started out within the world-leading technology transfer company from the University of Oxford, Oxford University Innovation, and now provides expert innovation consultancy for Higher Education, Corporate and Government sectors, working in over 70 countries to date.

As Principal Consultant, Hamish provides expert support to the Higher Education sector through KE and commercialisation strategy development, technology transfer support and training, as well as mentoring and advice for companies such as ours.

Prior to joining Oxentia in 2021, Hamish was the ​Head of Knowledge Exchange Data and Evidence at Research England (part of UK Research & Innovation). In this role, Hamish led on the creation and launch of England's first Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF), oversaw the allocation and monitoring of the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), and worked on policy development around knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

Given his vast experience within the KE sector, KEVRI sought his expertise to aid the next phase of development of our software solution which aims to centralise and optimise impact-driven data within universities.

Our co-designed solution can save institutions the time, money and resources they need to more effectively exchange their knowledge with a whole range of partners - from big business to local community groups.

As Hamish McAlpine states:

“Knowledge Exchange is a broad set of activities and the people responsible for them can be found across the university - from the technology transfer office to CPD course delivery, and public engagement. This breadth is what makes it so exciting, but also challenging to capture.
Oxentia Hamish McAlpine and the KEVRI team discuss national KE strategy.
''I can see how KEVRI could provide not only a useful way for academic staff to capture their activity, but provide valuable additional information on previously under-recorded but vitally important work that universities do, especially when no money or contracts are involved.

This is particularly true when it comes to public and community engagement, and contributing to their regions. This data could then have important implications for how we view how universities create impact, and how they communicate all the great stuff they do. We’re excited to support KEVRI on this journey.”  
Hamish and the team at Falmouth Launchpad Studio.

As a team, we look forward to continuing working closely with Oxentia and Hamish as we develop our KE software solution for universities.

KEVRI CEO Natalie Campion adds:

‘’Hamish brings a breadth of knowledge and a wealth of experience from his role at Oxentia and his work within the Knowledge Exchange sector. It is an exciting time for KEVRI as we join forces and unite in our vision to help universities to be more efficient at centralising and optimising their day-to-day and long-term impact.’’

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