People Behind The Projects: Dr Harish Jyawali

People Behind The Projects: Dr Harish Jyawali
Watch our latest interview with Harish from the KEVRI PBTP series.

The KEVRI People Behind The Projects (PBTP) series spotlights the people behind innovative and collaborative projects across industry, community and academia

Senior Lecturer and Business Leader Dr Harish Jyawali spearheaded a campus event at Ravensbourne University London named 'Women Entrepreneurs in the Creative Industry', highlighting his commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange across industries.

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Join us for an Exciting Event on Women's Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries in London. We have a fantastic panel of successful female entrepreneurs…

At the event, a panel discussion provided a knowledge-sharing platform for engaging dialogue between attendees and industry figures, offering insights from diverse experiences. Harish ensured practical expertise was shared, aiming to help women entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the creative sector.

Looking ahead, Harish aims to continue this project by organising similar initiatives in the future, hoping to cultivate an ecosystem where women thrive through collective support.

He also aspires to create more student-centric knowledge exchange events so that diverse skill sets are shared within industry and community collaborations.

"It’s our pleasure to witness the remarkable enthusiasm and profound interactions among the attendees, inspiring one another. We take great pride in hosting this event and eagerly anticipate organising another empowering event next year, fostering continued growth and success for women entrepreneurs from the creative industries," said Harish.

Find out about his previous and upcoming Knowledge Exchange projects, and how KEVRI supports him in our latest People Behind The Projects interview below!

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