What is an Edupreneur?

What is an Edupreneur?
Edupreneurs are everywhere! Image Source:RAEng/Unsplash

You will have come across the common term entrepreneur, but have you ever heard of the term edupreneur?

Entrepreneur and founder of the Learning Revolution Jeff Cobb defines edupreneurs as people ''who create a positive value shift with the specific economic resource of learning''.

At KEVRI, we agree. Yet, we also view edupreneurs as global innovators who bridge the gap between education and industry.  

They are people who set out to educate and innovate. Their products, services, ideas and innovations make a positive value shift on wider society- not just their surrounding education community.

As Cobb adds, "Edupreneurs are also well positioned to wield influence, build long-term relationships with their followers, cultivate learning communities and, in general, lead learning in the fields, industries, and areas of life they serve in ways that usually elude more traditional institutions and businesses."

Here at KEVRI Insight, we will soon be forming our Edupreneur Series where we will feature global edupreneurs who make/have made a real-world difference through their ideas, educational influences and innovations.

So if you, or someone you know, is an avid educator and innovator- get in touch with our editor emily.devonald@kevri.co.

Edupreneurs have a key part to play in global Knowledge Exchange, and we'd love to showcase your story!



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