What is the HEIF?

What is the HEIF?
There are so many higher education frameworks, it's easy to get muddled up! Image Source: Kvalik/Unsplash

In the world of higher education frameworks, there’s the REF, the TEF, the KEF

So, what's the HEIF?

The Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) collects financial and output data related to Knowledge Exchange (KE) each academic year.

Partners involved in this framework are Research England (RE) and the Office for Students (OfS).

The HEIF is a strategic fund that is used to increase and improve Higher Education Institutions' (HEIs) strategic development, including their capacity, capability and performance for KE.

Its overarching aim is to create and sustain a range of Knowledge Exchange activities in response to demand across the economy and society.

Why do universities submit HEIF data?

Each year, universities in England submit an array of evidence to compete in the annual HEIF funding round in the hope of receiving their share of £250m (£230m via formula and £20m via the Research England Development (RED) fund).

Some universities within the academic year 21-22 received up to £4.785 million!

2022 update: HEIF funding has now increased to £260m, see here for details.

This funding pot supports an umbrella of knowledge-based interactions between institutions and society including the exchange of ideas, expertise and research which result in social and economic impact.

However, many universities need support to collect their Knowledge Exchange data as it isn’t always an easy task! Collecting data suited to HEIF takes a lot of time for university staff to compile and for KE Leads to submit.

How KEVRI supports HEIF

This is where KEVRI software can best support the emerging roles of Knowledge Exchange Champions, Practitioners and Directors.

Our software enables you to:

  • Match eligible Knowledge Exchange activities towards HEIF submission.
  • Review live analytics which predict the HEIF funding allocation your institution could get based on previous performance and reported KE activity.
  • Receive guides and tips around how to optimise your HEIF submission.
Quick tip: Did you know partnerships with SMEs are double-weighted within your HEIF submission?

New to HEIF? Don’t worry. We’re always here to help you and your university maximize the potential of your social and economic impact!

Get in touch with one of the team today at info@kevri.co to see how we support universities and staff to optimise their Knowledge Exchange data.

Alternatively, you can discover further information about the HEIF on the UKRI guidance page here!



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